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Meet Buzz ~ Aidan’s Gift

BuzzIt’s been awhile since we have posted. Things here are as expected, good moments and of course many sad days. The holiday season has been especially difficult for the whole family as we get closer to our first Christmas without Aidan 😥 .

Aidan gave us a beautiful gift this past weekend and we wanted to share this heart-warming story…

The last few weeks before Aidan became an Angel, I (mommy) would talk to him about getting his very own puppy. We talked all about the things he could do w/ his puppy. He would get so excited and happy just thinking about it. Around this time, Aidan lost his ability to speak, but talking about a puppy still made him happy. When I asked him what kind of puppy he wanted he responded through nodding and blinking his eyes to communicate. He was able to tell us that he wanted a white puppy with some brown and big like Trooper. We talked about names and he settled for Thor, but wasn’t sold on it. I told him he could always change his mind later.

Fast forward to this past Saturday at a Benefit in Oaks, PA [Thank YouHorse Power for Life- Non-profit organization in Chester County that offers a 16-week therapeutic horsemanship program for people of all ages battling cancer! for a wonderful event for a great cause] Aidan’s Avengers had a Childhood Cancer Awareness table set up. It just so happened that a local non-profit pet rescue ( All 4 Paws Rescue Inc.) was at the event as well. Patrick and I had been talking about rescuing a puppy…So of course, Ryan and Caitlin (OK! mom and dad too :)) gravitated to the adoption table to play with the puppies.

Of all the puppies/dogs that were there, there was ONE pup who was white with some brown and from the size of his paws, he will be big like Trooper. We loved him instantly and knew he was the one. We expressed interest in adopting him to one of the volunteers and that was when she said to us, “You want BUZZ!?” I got goosebumps! It wasn’t Thor, but Aidan LOVED Buzz Lightyear and remember I did tell him he could change his mind later! It was at that moment we all knew, without a doubt, this was the puppy Aidan wanted us to adopt. What a beautiful gift our precious Angel sent us for Christmas!!

With that said we introduce the newest member of the family, a Treeing Walker Coonhound Mix… BUZZ! Thank you so much to All 4 Paws Rescue Inc., for sponsoring the adoption fee and helping us along the road to recovery. [If your looking for a new pet, All 4 Paws Rescue is a wonderful local organization that helps find forever homes for pets in need.] A big thank you to Shannon O’Neill for all her hard work in making the Aidan’s Avengers table a success and to Michelle Clemens-Price for coming to the event along with her ever popular and handsome Great Dane, Oden! Last, but certainly not least thank you to all our friends and family for their continued love, prayers, & support. We continue to receive messages/cards of friendship, encouragement, laughter, and love … It means more than you know and helps us get through another day – THANK YOU!

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