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“Understanding the devastating effects of pediatric brain cancer, Aidan’s Avengers™ strive to raise awareness and funding for research programs that focus on Pediatric Brain Tumors with an emphasis on DIPG and to provide financial peace of mind for families affected by Pediatric Brain Cancer.”  


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Aidan was a happy, healthy and energetic 3-year old little boy…up until diagnosis. Read Aidan’s story here.


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Katie and the bumblebee
This children’s book, with loving lessons and awareness, is great for gifts, schools, libraries, hospitals, childhood cancer foundations and more.


St. Jude describes DIPG perfectly…

Aidan and Mommy

Aidan and Mommy

DIPG children must move from one experimental protocol to another, enduring treatments with side-effects unacceptable with any other diagnosis. The cruelty of this disease cannot be denied!

DIPG spares the child of their cognitive abilities, while slowly robbing them of their motor functions resulting in partial paralysis, inability to walk, loss of voice & sight and finally ending with an inability to eat and breathe.

It is both heart wrenching and painful as these children are fully aware of their decline often until their last day.”



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Aidan & Mommy

What I Wish More People Understood About Losing A Child

I read this article and felt it was a perfect share for our family and friends… I know it can be hard for others to know what to say or do when they see us — this article is spot on! “Four and half years after the death of my oldest son, I finally went to…

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The black box of DIPG

Overturning dogma to open the black box of DIPG  by TOM ULRICH on JANUARY 12, 2015 You can’t advance the care of a disease that you can’t study. And for 40 years, that was the case with a rare, uniformly fatal pediatric brain tumor called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, or DIPG. DIPG isn’t like most brain…


Meet Buzz ~ Aidan’s Gift

It’s been awhile since we have posted. Things here are as expected, good moments and of course many sad days. The holiday season has been especially difficult for the whole family as we get closer to our first Christmas without Aidan 😥 . Aidan gave us a beautiful gift this past weekend and we wanted to…


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